A Letter to the Midnight Mums by Anna

The following is a piece created by one of our Motherhood Unmasked mums, Anna.

Title: “You Are Not Alone”

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

This piece is inspired by a letter I wrote to “midnight mothers” – mothers awake during the still of night, feeding, settling and caring for their babies. As a new mum, I dreaded the night time. It was dark and quiet and lonely. At night I often had feelings of hopelessness, all alone with only my thoughts and my new baby for company.

The letter I wrote is one of encouragement and reassurance. The phrase “you are not alone” came from a conversation I had recently with a new mum.  She told me that while she sits alone during the night feeding her baby she pictures all of the  mothers in the streets around her, doing the same thing. This beautiful image gave me great comfort and inspired me to write my letter and create this piece.


“I know it is cold. I know it is dark. I know that the long quiet night is an isolating space. While the whole world sleeps you sit feeding, rocking, settling, wrapping, patting, shooshing – anything to induce precious sleep. I always dread the dark nights and relish the lightness of day. The days bring activity, chores, purpose. The nights bring stillness but do nothing to still a busy mind.
To midnight mothers everywhere please remember  you are not alone. Because just across the road, around the corner, in the next street, the next suburn and all over the country sit other midnight mothers feeding, rocking, patting, shooshing. Picture them as you sit in the stillness and remember that the night is not as silent and lonley as it seems. The night is full of midnight mothers sharing precious moments with their little ones.”


Used with permission


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