Join Motherhood Unmasked during August for ‘A Month of Mothering’

A Month of Mothering ā€“ survive the winter!

MOM flyer

Motherhood Unmasked is a community arts project providing a forum for mothers to reflect on their experience of mothering through creative mediums. Each workshop series culminates in a public exhibition, displaying the artwork and honouring the role of mums in our community. See “about us” for our story.

After four years of running workshops and exhibitions, Motherhood Unmasked goes ONLINE!

This is YOUR opportunity to participate in an innovative, simple way, in the luxury (as if with children) of your own home. FREE!

All you need is a camera and an Instagram account. 

We will post weekly themes & daily prompts for you to respond to, adapted from our Motherhood Unmasked workshops. 

Take the opportunity to reflect on your experience as a mother, stretch some creative muscles (as much as you feel comfortable) and connect with other mums who participate. 

Our challenge is for you to post something about your experience as a mother every day for the month of August! Photograph household items, create a collage, be as creative or realistic as you like! 

So, jump online, follow this blog and @motherhoodunmasked on Instagram for prompts and don’t forget to hashtag #amonthofmothering!

We look forward to seeing you during A Month of Mothering!

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