Joys and challenges

Welcome to week 3 of ‘A Month of Mothering’!

joys and challenges

Motherhood has often been described as a roller coaster, with ups that are high and downs that are low. Experiences of joy and challenge are a part of most mothers lives, whether it be daily, weekly or over a year.

This week is an opportunity to reflect on specific joys and strengths and also specific challenges you may face as mums – often at the same time!

What brings you joy? It may be as simple as a moment the family comes together, seeing your child smile or making a meal (that they actually eat)! What do you find challenging? Is it getting out of bed in the morning, keeping up with the mess or navigating the competing demands of work, home life and maintaining a sense of yourself?

Some questions that may assist you this week include:

What are the happy times for you? the precious moments or when things go well?

What are the hard times for you? Is it feeling judged, getting out of the house, feeling exhausted by the competing demands, all, stress, stress, stress ,overwhelming feelings, (anger, resentment, sense of loss) or financial, relationship etc?

What do you love about mothering?

What makes you cross or gets under your skin?

What makes you happy as a Mum?

What is the hardest moment in your day, week or year?

What did you smile about today?

Ideas for artwork

Can you make a collage representing the joys and challenges in your day? Or is it two collages, one about joy and the other about challenges?

Can you represent these two opposing but often coinciding experiences of mothering – joy and challenge? Is it the same image with different coloured filters? Emotions represented through colour or texture?

Do some selfies of yourself smiling or frowning, what is the context? Why do you feel that way?

Remember when using Instagram – if you #amonthofmothering only your followers will see (if you have your privacy settings set that way) and if you tag us @motherhoodunmasked and are happy for us to repost it will be publicly available.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us

Thanks for sharing!

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