Episode 29

Motherhood Unmasked podcast with Vanessa A. Harris Episode 29 Moms Helping Moms

Moms Helping Moms

I love it when moms help moms, sharing resources and tools to help you reach your mom goals.

A listener shared a quiz about parenting traits we’re diving into this episode.

Reviewing my quiz results is not about you grading yourself as a mom, but us growing together as we discuss these traits as tools to add to your mommy toolkit.

Homework: The Five Love Languages Quiz

In today’s episode, I talked about why I’m recommending this quiz first. It’s been a game changer in my marriage and family.

To find out yours and your spouse’s love languages, take this couple’s quiz. If you’re a single mom, this one‘s for you, my friend. Kiddos up to age 12 would take this quiz, and your teens take this one just for them.

There’s no right or wrong here, just discovery. So keep it light and hAvE fUn getting to know yourself and your people.

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