Motherhood Matters

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On Saturday, Motherhood Unmasked was privileged to exhibit at the APS Women in Psychology “Motherhood Matters” conference.

It was a great opportunity to share the Motherhood Unmasked journey with wonderful women who care deeply about the wellbeing and experiences of mothers.

A big thanks to our Motherhood Unmasked mums who contributed their art and reflections for this event! Your courage, honesty and creativity are an inspiration.


Motherhood Unmasked comes to Seymour! 


We are extremely excited to announce that Seymour Baptist Church and Motherhood Unmasked have combined forces to offer Motherhood Unmasked to Seymour and Puckapunyal mums in 2015!

This year, Motherhood Unmasked will run several workshops held from March – May, concluding with an exhibition in honour of Mother’s Day. The exhibition showcases participant work and creates an avenue for our broader community to connect with the joys and challenges of mums in Seymour and surrounding region.

In previous years, mums have come away feeling a greater sense of value, social connection and an interest in art as a self-nurturing practice. If you are interested in making friends and using art to reflect on your experience as a woman and mum, come along!

Hot drinks and morning tea are provided and children are welcome if you wish to bring them. 

Check out The Gallery for pictures from previous workshops and exhibitions!

Workshop Activities  	Use a variety of materials and mediums such as paint, collage, group pieces, clay and more! 	Treasure Box –reflect on the moments you treasure – whether it be with a cup of tea and a book, a walk, a work day, or a moment with your child.  	My Community – what does community mean? What does yours look like?  	Motherhood Messages – engaging with messages about women and the role of mums in the media  	Self Portraits – paint on photo frames, canvas or create an abstract piece that represents you 	Mothers of Letters – a letter writing and art activity Or come along and decide your own topics and materials as a group!


Any questions? Can’t wait to register?

Ask Shan using the contact form below! 


A Letter to the Midnight Mums by Anna

The following is a piece created by one of our Motherhood Unmasked mums, Anna.

Title: “You Are Not Alone”

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

This piece is inspired by a letter I wrote to “midnight mothers” – mothers awake during the still of night, feeding, settling and caring for their babies. As a new mum, I dreaded the night time. It was dark and quiet and lonely. At night I often had feelings of hopelessness, all alone with only my thoughts and my new baby for company.

The letter I wrote is one of encouragement and reassurance. The phrase “you are not alone” came from a conversation I had recently with a new mum.  She told me that while she sits alone during the night feeding her baby she pictures all of the  mothers in the streets around her, doing the same thing. This beautiful image gave me great comfort and inspired me to write my letter and create this piece.


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