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“Did you ever sit in a church service or listen to a TED talk or open a book to begin reading and felt like every word was just for you? Like really, that person sharing is sitting next to you and reading your heart or mind? Some may assume I mean this in a condemning way, but no. When I feel that way, I feel SEEN.

I feel SEEN often when listening to Vanessa A. Harris on the #MotherhoodUnmasked podcast. It is like she picked up my journal and says, “Oh girl! I get it. No judgement.” If I started to list the episodes that bring tears of recognition and understanding, it would seem silly because there are so many.

If you are a Mama Bear at any stage of life, I encourage you to check it out and take a chance at feeling SEEN too.” 

How Will You Remember How Motherhood Shaped You?

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