Keeping it Real, For All of Us

Elena Jenkin

Often on social media, we capture the beautiful stuff – maybe because we want to remember the beautiful stuff or we are trying to maintain a positive outlook. Maybe, because there is so much crappy stuff on in the world that we need space to look at nice stuff and happy faces as an escape from the misery. However maybe sometimes it’s healthy to discuss and share the reality of our lives as that might just make others feel better too, reassuring them that they are normal, that it is natural to have ups and downs in life.

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Putting yourself back in the picture

Blue Frame.jpg

Self Portrait, Acrylic on Glass

I had fun playing around with ideas for this self portrait. I wanted it to be positive, reflecting the sense of contentment and gratefulness I feel at the moment. I have so much to be thankful for, not the least of which is an amazing husband and beautiful son. So I chose colours that make me happy, particularly the floral fabric in the background. The image is painted on the glass – partly because it was fun, but also because I didn’t want my portrait to be encased or suppressed by the well-meaning protective glass… Yes, I guess that’s metaphorical.The one thing lacking is a mouth. I just haven’t found my voice. Of all the things that I am – a woman, a mum, wife, friend, colleague, student, there’s so much more that I want to be and so much I want to say. But my voice has wandered away for the moment. It’s probably found a hatter’s tea party and is busy pondering the all important questions of life “why IS a raven like a writing desk?” But that’s OK. I’ll catch up to it, eventually, and when I do, I’ll be ready for it.

If nothing else, becoming a mother transforms most women, in how they feel about and see themselves. Women can experience this stage as both vulnerable and empowering, as they negotiate contradictory feelings of separation from, and connection to, their babies and children, and work towards integrating their experience as a mother with their identity as a woman or person.

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Joys and challenges

Welcome to week 3 of ‘A Month of Mothering’!

joys and challenges

Motherhood has often been described as a roller coaster, with ups that are high and downs that are low. Experiences of joy and challenge are a part of most mothers lives, whether it be daily, weekly or over a year.

This week is an opportunity to reflect on specific joys and strengths and also specific challenges you may face as mums – often at the same time!

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Pop up Art Gathering for Month of Mothering!

Pop Up Art Gathering
Join us in person if you live in or around Reservoir for a pop up art gathering – to be held on Monday 15 and 29 of August at Reservoir Neighbourhood House.

This is your opportunity to reflect on your experience as a mother, stretch some creative muscles (as much as you feel comfortable) and connect with other mums who participate.

Please contact us for more information or to book at