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Motherhood Unmasked podcast with Vanessa A. Harris Season 6 Trailer A New Focus

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Do you know why I call you Mama BARE? Because you’re unmasked and unapologetic in admitting motherhood is tough, and you appreciate conversation that honors that.

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Season 6 Trailer Transcript

Hello and welcome to season 6 of the Motherhood Unmasked podcast! I’m Vanessa, a pediatrician who left my career to care for my family full time through seasons including my husband’s military service and a few years of homeschool. Now that we are retired from the military, my family of five lives in Texas.

If you’re a regular listener of the podcast, welcome back Mama Bare (that’s b-a-r-e)! It’s always good to know at the other end of this mic is a mama who sheds all pretense for the sake of getting real about this journey called motherhood.

If you’re new, hey there! I’m so happy you’re here because (1) the more the merrier and (2) you’re catching the podcast in the middle of a metamorphosis—which if you’re a butterfly lover like me, is always exciting.

The Motherhood Unmasked podcast has always been a safe space for moms to drop the mask of perfectionism and get real about the challenges of motherhood so you’re better equipped to meet them.

By God’s grace I have 50 episodes of content addressing those challenges from a wide angle view tackling topics that most moms with school aged children relate to.

But the recent pandemic highlighted another pandemic that’s been going on for generations. Daughters with unhealed childhood trauma, who are now mothers ill equipped to raise healthy children under the best of circumstances, much less catastrophic ones.

Moms with unique challenges no one’s addressing because everyone expects mom to make their lives better, not have issues of her own. And because I’ve lived my own version of that uphill battle, the focus of the podcast is changing to speak directly to the mom battling the effects of her childhood trauma and the unique parenting challenges you face.

If you’re raising children while carrying unresolved childhood wounds from traumatic experiences including abuse, abandonment, and neglect and you struggle with having compassion, with showing up with confidence and you struggle with connecting with your child, this podcast will inspire your own healing journey and empower you to break the negative cycles threatening your family.

And while this takes the podcast in a different direction than most of you Mama Bares are used to, studies show a quarter of you will still find the content relevant. So I’m excited to serve moms who have generations to impact but have been held back by masked pain far too long.

So join me next week for a new season of Motherhood Unmasked! Be sure to follow or subscribe to the podcast so you don’t miss an episode. And while I have your ear, there are two ways to help spread the word about the podcast.

One way is to write a review on Apple podcast or wherever you enjoy Motherhood Unmasked. Nothing formal, just what you love about the show. The other way to get the word out is to share your favorite episode with a friend.

Subscribing to the podcast, sharing and writing reviews all help make it more likely that the moms who need to listen to Motherhood Unmasked, find out about it.

Thanks so much for listening today and helping spread the word.

And as always, please remember, no matter your childhood trauma and how it trips you up today, when it comes to you being the mother of your children, you are the woman for the job. Take care.

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