I won’t get the award for perfect mom. No one should, for that matter.

But when I read a card from my kids or listen to them pray for me, I’m often moved to tears, overwhelmed that they’re actually talking about me.

They describe me in beautiful ways I didn’t experience my mom growing up and, on paper, none of it makes sense.

Do I do superhuman things? No, but because I’m aware of the hand I was dealt, I pray for help to treat my kids the way I would have wanted to be treated.

And God is faithful.

Do I still mess up? Yep, just like you. But there’s nothing like the power of intentionality and a sincere apology when you missed the mark.

I’ve offered a lot of apologies to three kids over the last 18 years and counting!

The beauty is, your kids know the difference between a mom merely dishing out what she got and a mom fueled by love and compassion, but falls prey to occasional flashbacks.

Keep growing. Keep healing. Keep apologizing when you screw up and one day your kids will rise up and call you blessed.

And feel free to have a good cry. It cleanses the soul! 💜

I’m rooting for you…

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Copyright 2022 to date. Vanessa A. Harris. All rights reserved.

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