Early in my therapy journey, my therapist gave me an assignment at the end of our session. She tasked me with starting a running list of what I’m proud of myself for.

What does that do?

One. It keeps me in the habit of gratitude and, two, reminds me I’ve overcome adversity before and can again. I’m not a victim. I’m a victor. And three, it’s a nice pick me up exercise as you work through issues at the pace of grace (Episode 63).

Acknowledging my wins along the way serves as a confidence boost, encouragement I can do more than I think. That there’s more to me than the experiences threatening to define me.

So I’m asking you.

What are you proud of about you? Get your trusty notebook, journal or notes app and be your own cheerleader.

I’m rooting for you…

In need of a place to put your thoughts?

Small enough to carry on the go, but large enough to hold your heart. This lined journal includes affirming text at the bottom of every page.


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