Maybe you’re still on the fence about dealing with the pain in your childhood.

Maybe you’ve started facing it, but it’s early in your journey and you’re already overwhelmed by what’s rising to the surface.

And even though I encouraged you that what looks ugly now will get better, you struggle to see how. And see is the key word. It’s hard to become what you can’t see for yourself.

You become what you behold.

I wouldn’t have become a pediatrician if I didn’t see myself as one from the time I was little.

The vision I had for my future propelled me when everyone else and my circumstances told me I couldn’t.

The journey was ugly, but I made it.

My healing journey and your healing journey are no different. It gets ugly sometimes and overwhelming other times.

Have I wanted to quit therapy a time or two? You bet!

There were a few things that I hated. I didn’t feel as strong as people experienced me.

Realizing the memories still hurt despite all I have accomplished. And how much time the process takes.

I wanted the surgical style of healing I talked about in This is Gonna Get Ugly. But it just doesn’t work that way.

So, if you’re going to persevere to better, you’ll need a vision for it.

Your homework is to grab a notebook, a journal or use the notes app on your phone to write a description of what the healed version of you looks and feels like.

What’s her facial expression? What does she do for fun? What are her relationships like?

Dream. Wonder. Hope.

There’s no right answer and no one’s grading it. It’s about you seeing the blessing in you.

And believing the woman you envision is worth uncovering.

I’m rooting for you…

In need of a place to put your thoughts?

Small enough to carry on the go, but large enough to hold your heart. This lined journal includes affirming text at the bottom of every page.


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