In two back-to-back episodes, we went from cleaning house of people who would sabotage your healing journey to assembling a circle of people who support it.

But what I described is neither easy nor immediate.

And I don’t make the assumption you already have access to healthy people. Healthy, meaning safe, not perfect. Those who think they’re perfect are the epitome of unsafe people.

And in the Prioritize Support episode, I primed you for the reality that building a support circle for your healing journey takes time.

So, if you’re starting from ground zero, how do you know where to find safe people, especially when you come from a history of trauma that you’re not wanting to repeat?

Well, you can always ask your therapist to recommend a support group or you can find groups in larger churches in your area.

I Heard You and I Feel You are articles I wrote about safe people who value your voice and are willing containers for the sharing of your story.

Little did I know, those are two of the twenty-two qualities noted psychologist, Dr. John Townsend, lists as “nutrients in good relationships necessary to provide energy, focus and support to be all you are meant to be” in his book, People Fuel.

What a full circle moment!

When my kiddos were little, I listened to Dr. Townsend’s radio show with Dr. Henry Cloud often. And as great minds think alike, they teamed up to write a book to help you build safe relationships titled Safe People: How to Find Relationships That Are Good For You.

I hope you find these resources helpful as you assemble your squad, Mama Bare.

I’m rooting for you…

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