It’s one thing to agree that noting your growth process is a good idea—especially when you consider the monetary and time cost of therapy.

But who wants to do the work of searching for good journals for therapy sessions or daily reflection?

Well, I feel you, Mama Bare! And I’m here to help you get the ball rolling on finding the perfect journal for your needs.

Enjoy the pics and click the link to order the ones that work for you.

Need a notebook for therapy sessions?

My Reflections Journal: Guided Post-Session Review gently organizes your notes during the session with prompts suggesting where to record thoughts to aha moments, the truth about what you believe, and the takeaways you want to work on until you next meet with your therapist.

Easily one of the best journals for mental health therapy, this 8.5 x 11 in journal has plenty of lines to capture as much gold as your therapist can dig up. And the sections made referencing later, a breeze.

Need a notebook to process a major loss?

The journey of grieving the loss of someone or something you loved isn’t always easy. You have a ton of thoughts and feelings, but staring at a blank page can make all of it overwhelming.

My Journey Through Grief and Loss Personal Reflection Journal offers prompts to share memories about who or what you miss, what you’re grateful for regarding them, and what you’ll always remember. The work of grief is painful, but having a place to celebrate the person or thing you miss is priceless.

Its 6×9 size means it’s easy to carry on the go.

In need of a place to put your thoughts?

Small enough to carry on the go, but large enough to hold your heart. The Journal from the Heart lined journal includes affirmations at the bottom of every page.

If one of these is perfect for you, great. If not, keep looking till you find one you will be happy to dump your thoughts and feelings in, so you can dig for the treasure. I’m rooting for you…


Copyright 2022 to date. Vanessa A. Harris. All rights reserved.

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