How Are You Doing?

This massage was just what I needed in this season of a graduating high school senior, a rising high school freshman, and all the activities that come with both. This mama needed to hit pause and relax for my physical wellbeing as much as my therapy session next week to reset my soul.

In the middle of this self-care sandwich, Mother’s Day. The Super Bowl for moms where we receive an outpouring of appreciation for all our sacrifices. Many of us do, certainly compared to what the guys get on Father’s Day.

And I love a heartfelt card, a massage, a weekend off from mothering duties (at least most of them), a yummy dinner out and cute gifts from my kids.

But nice as all that is, Mother’s Day has become a day I check in with myself.


First, reflect on how I’m doing with my mom goals. Am I healing and growing towards the mom my children need? If not, what pivots do I need to make and who do I need to recruit to help me?


And second, to affirm that if no one else says it quite the way I feel it, I’m a good mom. Why can I say that? Because I’m perfect at it? Certainly not!

But I am intentional about it.

I didn’t just pop these kids out on a wing and prayer. I considered the models before me, what was worth keeping, what to toss, and my goals as a mom, along with prayer and the healing work to get there.

And no, I have not arrived. The journey is in process with several scenery changes and a few seasons of going in circles, but I’m still on the path I’ve chosen. And that is something to celebrate!

If you relate, you should celebrate too. Because your kids love you, but they won’t ever know what it cost you to show up for them, and so different from what you had growing up.

And if you wait on them to catch a clue before you celebrate another year loving them hard and well, you will find yourself resentful.

So yeah, receive the love in words and kind gestures from your children, your spouse, and the server at the restaurant, but whether or not they do, don’t forget to celebrate yourself in word and deed.


We love a self-care moment on Mother’s Day!

But self-care for moms is more than just pampering. It’s being your own cheerleader while welcoming the voices of others who want to join you.

Because you need all the encouragement you can get for this marathon called motherhood.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mama Bare!


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