If you just had surgery to remove part of your intestines and someone came to your hospital room and said, “You should be over this by now. Get up and get moving! The woman in the next room has it worse than you. She’s battling cancer!”

What would you think?

Are you out of your mind? I’m in so much pain!

So why do you entertain the idea that the trauma that gutted you as a child, but went untreated, is something you’re supposed to pretend didn’t happen? As if you can shed childhood traumatic events the way a snake sheds skin and keep it moving.

Don’t take advice from the Walking Wounded. You’re a survivor, so you have the courage to take the next step—thriving. And that involves dealing with your childhood trauma and seeking help so it doesn’t control you any longer. 

You’re worth it!

I’m rooting for you…

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Copyright 2022 to date. Vanessa A. Harris. All rights reserved.

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